Whether you’re a new business, a small business or a growing business in the Hills District you need a business website, and here’s why.

Did you know there are over 23,000 businesses in the Hills District? Now that’s a lot of competition for any small business.

So you need to ask yourself, how does your business stack up against the competition?

Well we think you already fall into one of these three categories:

1 Your business doesn’t have a website at all because you think you don’t need one.

We think we can convince you otherwise. It really doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you want new customers and don’t want to lose your existing customers you need to get a website now.

Here’s an article about how you may not be reaching your full potential and why today’s consumers Won’t Settle for Anything Less.

2 Your business does have a website, but it was built in the dark ages.

If your website was built more than 2 or 3 years ago and hasn’t been updated since, you will be surprised to hear that it’s probably up to industry standard and may not be ranking as well as it could be in google search.

Here’s three things you can do now to make sure your existing website is successful well into 2020.

  1. Make sure your website is 100% responsive and works seamlessly on all devices and platforms including mobile phones. If it’s not responsive then your Google Rankings will suffer and potential customers may become impatient and go somewhere else.
  2. Check that your website has an SSL Certificate installed. This is easily overlooked by business owners who do not get their websites updated regularly. This one will definitely hurt your Google Rankings but is easily fixed. Contact us today for advice on how to get your SSL Certificate installed correctly.
  3. Check that your website is optimised for Google. If your website is too slow, bloated with massive images or using outdated software of plugins then it will be slow and insecure and will affect your Google rankings. We can help you get back on top by optimising your website, make it fast again and improve your customer’s user experience.

3 Your business already has a professional, responsive secure website (but no marketing campaign)

If you already have a professional website that includes everything we have already mentioned, then congratulations, you are already ahead of 85% of your competitors.

What can you do to maintain your position or grow even more ? Websites are great but without an online marketing campaign you may be in the dark.

When we build a website for our clients we include SEO across all pages as a basic inclusion. On top of that we offer customised landing pages and content pages to target your market in your chosen locations. Add to that a GoogleMyBusiness page and plenty of local business directory listings you are on your way to a successful campaign.

If that’s not enough in a very competitive market we recommend Google Ad Campaigns and Social Marketing.

You need to consider what you can afford to do and with SEO Campaigns starting at $250 per month we believe we can help even the smallest business succeed online.