Domain Names


Before purchasing a domain name, please contact Hills Web Design for advice, I've seen many people register a domain name at some "Super Cheap" place they found, only to have problems later.

For an Australian business we recommend a and/or a .com

For those who don't understand the world of Domains, Web Hosting, Websites, please read on below.

There a 3 basic aspects to having a website.

  1. Domain Name: This is your interent address eg: For Hills Web Design, ours is
    Bi-annual registration fees apply.

  2. Web Hosting: It is a place/server where your all your website files, emails, databases, backups, etc reside.
    We provide high quality, affordable Australian based web hosting to our clients.
    Do not purchase "cheap" web hosting, as it will cause problems, it will be slow, overloaded,overseas and unstable.

  3. Website: This is your online presence. A stylish, modern, updateable, secure and easy to use website is very important. Hills Web Design builds websites and we are very good at it.

Here at Hills Web Design, we can arrange it all for you...
"managing all aspects of your web presence in one place makes sense, saves time and money"