Secure Joomla 1.5

Joomla 1.5 reached it's "End Of Life" in Septmeber 2012.

We can secure your Joomla 1.5 website and extend it's life by years.

End Of Life means that it is no longer updated or supported by the software developers.

While it still functions, it has numerous security issues & these sites are being targeted worldwide & are being used by hackers, mostly to send spam email.

Joomla-1-5Webhosting companies accross the board are encouraging users to upgrade to more recent versions because it causes them serious problems, some are even asking Joomla 1.5 siteholders to leave and find another host!

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Price = $ 199 +gst
or Call Us: 1300 765 493 or 0431 283 198

Chances are your Joomla 1.5 site has been hacked already!

Most of the time, you would'nt even know that your site has been hacked.

The reason for this is that often it is in the Hackers interest for you not to know, so they can continue doing what they want with your site.

hackedWhat is it they do ?

The single most common reson for hackers to infiltrate your website is so they can plant their own software that does mass emailing. eg: Email Spam resulting in your website being placed on RBL's (Realtime Blacklist Hole), which means emails disappear into this blackhole.

Another nasty thing they can do is to plant code that tricks Google into thinking there are links to their website/s which can boost their websites ranking, however once Google detects this it can be very detrimental to your websites Google ranking.

Sometimes they will just deface your site with images like the one to the left.

After years of dealing with this issue, we have become very good at fixing and stopping these attacks.

While we will not list in detail exactly what we do, below is just some of what you can expect when you ask us to SECURE your website.

  1. Backup and archive your website, before and after any work is done.
  2. Scan and clean your site of malicious code and viruses.
  3. Close the security holes using a number of methods.
  4. Install and configure industry leading firewall and monitoring software.
  5. Report on any insecure third party components or plugins that may be present on your site.
  6. Check and tighten security to the PHP used by your webserver whithin the limitations placed on it by your webhost.
  7. Make further suggestions if needed to secure your website eg: Change to a better, more secure webhosting company if required.

Having built many websites over the years, many of which were built using Joomla 1.5, we have become very good at dealing with the issue of vulnerabilities in Joomla 1.5


Price = $ 199 +gst
or Call Us: 1300 765 493 or 0431 283 198




We are so confident that we can secure your Joomla 1.5 website, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee *.



* If your website gets hacked within 2 years of us securing it, we will either:

  1. Fix it and close the security flaw used to hack it at no extra charge OR
  2. Refund in full the fee you paid us.

 NOTE: There are exceptions:

We will not provide a refund if....

  1. We report to you that your hosting companies PHP is insecure and/or they will not allow us to make the changes required to secure it. If this is the case we will offer you a more secure hosting option.
  2. You choose not to move to a more secure host if we suggest you do as mentioned in the point above.

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