Supply Of Content

The supply of content for your new website is an important factor in how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Here are some tips that WILL save you money and time:

Gathering your website content.

  • Create a folder on your PC, name it "website content"  (or something similar).
  • Then place the following items inside that folder.

  1. Logo: If you have a logo, put in your folder. If you don't, tell us about any ideas you may have for one.
  2. Images: Any images that you may have for use on the website (Do not reduce their size, we'll do that for you)
  3. Other Media: Any copies of any advertising, brochures, business cards, catalogues or anything else related.
  4. Text: Create a word.doc named "website content" and start writing or copy/pasting, It doesn't have to be final text or perfectly written, but the more you write the better.
  5. Menu Structure: If you know or have a good idea of the menus/pages you want to have on your site, please write them out.
  6. Make Notes: eg: Competitors website links, your suppliers website, your goals, your problems, your questions, your concerns.
  7. Thumb Drive/USB Stick: Copy your "website content" folder onto your USB stick.
  8. Call Greg: Call to make an appoinment to discuss your needs with Greg, bring your USB stick.

If you can do this, you WILL save money. If you need help, no problem, call Greg and he will do his best to help!

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