Believe it or not, we have met some of our best clients on their darkest days. As a business owner who relies heavily on their website, having your website hacked can be the single biggest issue you will face. So how do website’s get hacked and can they be saved ?

Most people don’t even realise their website has been hacked when they come to us to help them troubleshoot some problems they are facing. In fact, website hacks are often invisible to business owners but remain harmful to anyone viewing the page.

If your website is experiencing some technical difficulties and you’re not sure why here’s some questions to ask yourself.
Is your website suddenly taking ages to load?
Have you noticed you are losing google rankings?
Are your analytic reports showing a major decline in views or worse still are they suddenly showing a massive increase of page views you didn’t even know existed?
These are all some of the first signs that your website has been hacked with malicious software (malware).

A good web hosting company will bring this to your attention sooner rather than later, but if you’re on a cheap host they may not even notify you of such activities. Time is definitely an important factor as to whether or not your website can be salvaged. If left too long your search engine rankings could be gone forever and your website blacklisted, which makes everything harder to fix.

The first question we ask client’s who come to us with a hacked website is – do you have a backup? Pretty easy to do these days, however many clients still let this slide. If your website is constantly changing or being updated with new content or products, then monthly, weekly or even daily backups are essential! We offer backups as part of our affordable Website Care Packages which we strongly recommend to all our clients!

“Can you save my website if I don’t have a backup?”

The answer to that might sound cheesy but if anyone can save it we can. We have helped save hundreds of websites when the clients thought all hope was lost.
We have the experience and strategies to remove the malware from your hacked site, clean all files and help restore the original website, minimising your downtime and negative impact to search engine rankings.

If you ever need help fixing your hacked website get in touch with Hills Web Design, for professional and fast service!