Speed Does Matter! At Hills Web Design we specialise in making your website fast!

A slow website does more than leave your clients disappointed. It affects your Google Rankings. If you have a slow website, particularly if it’s slow to perform on mobiles,  Google will punish you no matter how much wonderful content you have.

There are many reasons why your website might be slow, including software or plugins which are not up to date or perhaps there are images on your website which are way too big and have not been optimised. Other things include too many unused plugins, plugins that have not been setup correctly or of course, the obvious problem may be you have purchase cheap, slow web hosting.
Fast, reliable Web Hosting is something that should be taken extremely seriously and we offer Australia’s fastest web hosting to all our clients.

We will test your website’s performance in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and IE, do a detailed analysis of all your HTML, CSS, images and scripts and also test across all devices including Mobile, desktop and tablet.

Once we have completed the testing, we analyse your page speed results and break down all the contributing factors so we can deal with them one by one. We will continue to optimise all areas of your website and hosting services until we are satisfied that everything possible has been done to speed up your website.

Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do to speed up your slow website.